Power of the Sun. Freedom of movement.

Power of the Sun. Freedom of movement.

Autonomous mobile solar charging station for electric vehicles

Using the power of the Sun, available to everyone and everywhere, our solar charging stations are changing the rules of the game.

About Soltiq

Soltiq solar autonomous charger

  • Absolute mobility - from the top of the Velebit mountain to the beaches of Hvar island
  • Multi-charge option (E-Car, E-bike, E-scooter)
  • Modular interconnection of up to 30 SoltiQ stations
Soltiq solar autonomous charger
About Soltiq

Mobile app for Soltiq

  • A mobile app showcasing all the parameters of energy flow, which also allows users to regulate lights, fold-unfold function, and the charging docks.
  • The app allows its users to connect several SoltiQ charging stations, to increase the power of electricity and the efficiency of the electric supply. This makes SoltiQ charging stations suitable for positioning and use at gas stations, car dealers, or supermarket parking lots.
Mobile app for Soltiq
About Soltiq

Connection possibilities Soltiq and households

SoltiQ charging station can be connected to a private electric grid (house, garage, storage unit) in order to fill the batteries at a cheap tariff and use the collected energy whenever the user wants.

Connection possibilities Soltiq and households

Specification Specifications

Dimension & Weight

2,5 m
2,3 m
4,5 m
1100 kg

General specifications

Max solar charge
2200 W
Max charging power
6000 W
Max stored energy
28,8 kWh

*One fully loaded SoltiQ charging station can charge 50 % of the battery of an average E-car, or 25 E-bikes, or 10 E-scooters.

Power of the Sun. Freedom of movement.

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You have the flexibility to select your charger style from a range of color combinations, featuring two primary base colors: black and gray. Click and explore the options below!

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